Track live position of International Space Station and people in space — using Python

This is a very basic but powerful python program to track the live position of ISS. My son used to run it in every 30–40 mins interval to see it’s position :-)

Prerequisites: python , IDE, install few packages — pandas, plotly, google.

Reference: We are going to use the existing API to get the location and other information in our code. Can refer to the below link incase you are curious:

Here, you will find below file which is registering the latitude and longitude of ISS.

The other file contains the info of the people currently available in space station.

We are going to read these 2 files and display the content using python — as simple.

Program: It has 2 parts — i) position of ISS and ii) people in space.

Let’s describe the code step by step and then will keep the complete code for execution.

  1. First we are going to read the ISS location JSON file:


2) Create the latitude and longitude columns and drop unwanted columns.


3) Show the position of the ISS in world map


Note: ISS speed is approx. 17,100 mph. So, refresh after 2–3 mins to see the movement.

4) Now Read the name of people currently available in space -


5) Print their name:


6) Get some info about them


You can increase or decrease your search link as per your wish.

Complete code:

Happy Learning !!

Big Data Engineer and pySpark Developer

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